Thrill Your Guests With This Unique, Versatile & Seriously Tasty Barbecue Steak!

Here at BBQ BOX UK HQ, we have perfected a wide range of salt free seasonings which are designed to bring you mouth watering flavour without the use of MSG, Salt and Sodium! 

Our seasonings are bursting with natural flavour which we know you will love!  Check out our full range today, including these two firm barbeque beef favourites which can be used with a selection of fresh herbs to add an additional twist to your barbecue meals!

Our range of premium beef/red meat seasonings are perfect for helping your meat not only taste great, but are created from a unique selection of various ingredients known for their tenderisation qualities.  Great for leaving meat sliding off of your steak knife with ease!

No matter how you enjoy your meat, from rare to well done beef, duck and lamb dishes.  Our Big Fifty flavouring pouch can take on the rich depth of flavour found within these meats with ease!

Impress your guests with our range of unique flavours which are full of natural ingredients and are great for use on a wide range of produce, from red meats to vegetables - these barbecue flavour pouches are perfect for any barbecue party and are vegan, vegetarian and gluten free also!

barbecue steak recipe

Create Really Good Sirloin, Minute, Ribeye, Rump Steaks With Our Selection Of Rich, Natural Barbecue Seasonings:


  • 1tbsp¬†Big Fifty Seasoning

Step One:

Place the ¬Ĺ¬†Cup¬†Olive¬†Oil in a bowl and mix with the 1tbsp of our popular Big Fifty Seasoning.¬† Mix together well using a fork, ensuring that all of the seasoning and oil has combined and there are no lumps of seasoning in the mix.

Step Two:

Place your chosen steak onto a large wooden board and either using a meat tenderising hammer or the end of a rolling pin, hit the steak to ensure it is flat - this will help the meat take on the flavour of the marinade and give it a tender bite.

bbq rump steak marinade

Step Three:

Place your steak into the bowl and cover with the marinade.  For this we have chosen to use a juicy, thick rump steak however you can use any cut of steak you like.  Place a lid or cling film over the top of the dish and chill for at least 3 hours in the refrigerator - for the best taste chill over night.

Step 4:

Remove your steak from the marinade and place directly onto your barbecue grill and cook.  For an extra Smokey touch, add chopped onions which have been marinade in the same way using our Smoke Wagon Seasoning.

Step 5:

Serve your steak dependant on how cooked you like yours (eg rare - well done).  Serve with a jacket potato, corn on the cob and fresh green garden salad.

Best Barbeque Steak Recipe

As with all of our BBQ Seasonings, our big fifty seasoning pouch is perfect for adding a hit of heat to your dish without the added extra salt.  100% free from salt and from sodium, this seasoning is unlike many others found on the market!  

Packed full of natural flavour due to the high quality range of ingredients found within in the pack.  Known for its unique flavour blend which makes it perfect for use with a wide range of red meats.

Grab your pack today!

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