Hamburgers and beef burgers have been a long traditional favourite at a bbq party - which can make it tough on those who are trying to avoid products high in salt or sodium.

If you are someone who has been looking for a recipe that allows you to make a Smokey bbq burger without adding any salt at all!  These burger patties are great for the health conscious or those who are engaging in a Low Sodium Diet due to medical reasons such as heart disease or high BP.

These burgers can be made with any ground meat, or can easily be substituted with soya or plant based alternatives for those who are vegan or vegetarian!  We have chosen to use low salt, lean ground beef in our recipe however other lower fat alternatives such as chicken, turkey or even fish will also work well since our Smoke Wagon Seasoning is extremely versatile.

Salt Free Beef Burger Recipe
If you are a person who is suffering with a heart related illness, then leaner cuts of meat, fish and plant based products are often a great way to go.  These cuts though still full of flavour typically contain far less saturated fat.  It is however worth while considering the actual salt content in the produce itself.  Pork for example is naturally salty and there for sodium for this type of meat would need to be recorded.


Ideally if you are looking to reduce your salt intake then poultry, fresh fish and vegetables are always the way to go.  Coupling this with the fact that if you choose to create meals yourself, you will have far more control over what they contain and can easily monitor nutritional levels.
Grilled Beef Burgers

Ingredients For Your Salt Free BBQ Beef Burgers:

  • 2lb Lean Beef Mince
  • x1 Finely Chopped Yellow Onion (Large)
  • x1 Finely Chopped Spring Onion/Scallion
  • x1 Large Free Range Egg (Used For Binding)
  • 1tbsp Smoke Wagon Salt Free Seasoning From BBQ BOX UK

To Garnish:

  • x1 Beef Tomato - Thickly Sliced
  • Crispy Lettuce Leaves
  • Sliced Monterey Jack Cheese
  • Gherkins
Low Sodium Diet Recipe

Method For Creating Your No Salt Burger Patties:

1.) To Begin, Using A Sharp Chef Knife, Slice Your White Onion Finely Along With The Spring Onions/Scallions.

2.) Once Diced Finely, Heat Some Olive Oil In A Frying Pan And Add The Onion. Cook The Onion Only Until It Becomes Translucent. Leave Onion To Cool Before Moving On To Next Stage.  You Could Also Place The Onion In A Bowl & Place In A Microwave For 2 Mins Again Allowing The Onions To Sweat Only And Become Translucent.

3.) Next Get A Large Mixing Bowl And Place All Of The Ingredients Into It - Mix Thoroughly In The Large Mixing Bowl The Lean Beef Mince, Egg, Cooled Onion & Smoke Wagon Seasoning Together.

4.) Once You Have Mixed Well, Take Your Burger Mix Into Your Hands And Begin To Form Round Burger Patties - Make Sure That The Patties Are A Similar Size To Ensure Even Cooking.

5.) Place Your Patties To One Side & Allow Them To Rest In The Chiller. It Is Recommended To Separate Each Patty Using Grease Proof Paper.

6.) Spray Some Oil Onto Your BBQ Grill To Ensure Burgers Do Not Stick To It.  Place Your Burger Patty Directly Onto The BBQ Grill & Cook To Your Liking!

7.) Build Your Ultimate Burger - Add Your Salad Garnishes, Gherkins, Cheese & Any Sauce You Wish!

8.) Finally Enjoy Your Salt Free Loaded Smokey Beef Burger!

Salt Free Seasoning UK

Why Choose Our Smoke Wagon Seasoning Blend?

Our Salt Free Seasoning Smoke Wagon is packed with all of the hard hitting flavours you would expect to find in a Smokey bbq burger seasoning.  Made with premium natural ingredients which compliment each other well.  

Featuring an array of various flavour combinations which include; mustard powder, tomato, onion, oregano and coriander to name just a few.  Blended together beautifully to produce a sought after rub that works well with meat, fish and vegetables.

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Great recipe, please keep up the good, salt free work!

Di Coates

Great post and recipe. I will definitely have a go at this recipe whilst the weather is so good. Bring on the BBQ!

Mel Corless

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