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One of the most common eating habits within our society is to simply sprinkle salt all over our food even before we have actually tasted it....

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Did you know that in the UK alone over 75% of the salt that we consume is found in the food we eat such as bread, cereals, crackers and ready meals.  In this BBQ BOX UK Blog Post, we will take a look at the ways in which you can drastically reduce your salt intake without reducing the taste or enjoyment of eating your favourite foods!

BBQ BOX UK Tips For Lower Salt Meals:

As with most things, to begin cooking with less salt we must source ingredients and produce which are lower in salt and sodium.  Here in the UK there is not that much out there in the way of lower salt foods, however in the USA and Australia, the trend is on the rise.

Best Practices For Shopping For Low Salt / No Salt Foods:

  • Always check labels! This is one of the keyways to make sure all of your dietary requirements are being followed.¬† Products which are often high in salt are; pizza, sauces and condiments and ready meals.¬† It is worthwhile therefor trying to choose a food product each week that you are happy to swap for a lower salt alternative.
  • Curb cured and smoked meats and fish products and opt for fresher produce which has not been cured.¬† In terms of bacon this can be hard, however there is lower sodium, uncured bacon which can be the saving graze if you choose to create your own smokehouse seasoning to give that all important taste!
  • When buying tinned foods such as tinned fish and vegetables, opt for those which are low salt or have no salt added.¬† You can often buy these products in spring water which contains little to no salt and tastes just as good.
  • The best option for snacks is always going to be fresh fruit and vegetables, however, if you do find yourself tucking into a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar then make sure you check the label for the amount of salt contained within the pack.¬† It is also worth noting the fat and sugar content too!
  • Table sauces and condiments are known for being filled with salt so make sure you take a look at the labels on your soya sauce, mustard, pickles, gherkins and pickled onions.¬† There is always an alternative salt free version out there so why not check the internet for worthwhile alternatives.

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BBQ BOX UK Cooking With Less Salt:

Its not as hard as you may think to get great tasting food with little to no salt.  The UK is known to be behind the trend of no salt food products being readily available on the supermarket shelves.

With BBQ BOX UK's extensive range of salt free seasonings and condiments you need never worry again about adding some serious flavour to your meals without the need to add chemicals, msg or any added salt to the dish.

Using a base of all natural ingredients, our herb and spice blends pack a serious punch and although many of them are marketed for the carnivores of us out there, ALL of the seasonings are in fact 100% vegetarian and vegan suitable!

Other great tips for using our unique Gourmet No Salt Seasoning Blends is to use them in place of salt in sauces and gravies.  Tomato and cheese pasta sauces are typically known to contain a high amount of salt.  Why not try creating your own sauce using ripened tomatoes and fresh low salt and low fat deli cheese.  

Another popular choice that most miss when you choose to look at the label is a decent gravy.  Making choosing no salt gravy graduals a must for anyone engaging in a low sodium diet.

If you are someone who struggles incredibly with not being able to add extra salt to your food, then you will be pleased to know that we also host a range of table salt alternatives which includes the popular African seasoning known as Sumac.  Sumac offers a great addition to your store cupboard and contains very little sodium - it is definitely a great go to all-natural salt substitute seasoning for those who enjoy salt on their meals.

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Struggling To Find Unique Salt Free Or Low Salt Alternatives When Eating Out?

Of course, this is always going to be a tough point.  There is certainly nothing worse than having a lack of control, that said eating out should still be a joyful experience spent with your loved one, family and/or friends.  

Here's some tips on how to fair when you are hoping to keep your salt intake low when dining out.

  • Italian Foods - Italian food varies greatly, however something that will definitely appear on the menu is pizza and pasta dishes.¬† Tomato sauces which contain both fish, chicken and vegetables tend to be less salty than those which feature cured meats such as salami.¬† With this in mind, pizza is also far healthier if you look to have meat free toppings.¬† You can also calm down the amount of salt which is contained within the cheese topping by checking out goat's cheese toppings.
  • American/Fast Food - Foods such as hamburgers should always be topped with salad.¬† High salt containing foods such as processed cheese slices, bacon (especially streaky), salami, olives and some chilli peppers should all be avoided.¬†¬†
  • Indian, Asian & Chinese Meals - These foods are often very high in salt and fat and there is very little you can do to change that.¬† To bring down the amount of salt consumed, opt for a plain rice compared to traditional pilau and egg fried rice.
  • Sandwiches - Again, often meat free versions are by far a healthier option to choose.¬† It is advised however that you watch and take into account any sauces used such as mayo, ketchup, brown sauce, salad cream and mustard.

Taking all of these dining places into account, it is no wonder why our BBQ BOX UK Fake Away Seasonings Box has been a huge hit. 

Why Eating At Home Is The Best Way To Control Your Salt Intake:

Although it may seem obvious, eating at home is the BEST way to control your salt intake.  This is due to the fact that you have complete control over the amount of salt added to your cooking.

However, with all of the health issues people have with dietary issues, there is no real reason for you not to be able to tell the restaurant or take away that you require a lower salt/sodium meal.  If you are looking to eat out, then we would recommend calling the restaurant at least a day prior to let them know your diet needs so that they may prepare.

There are many ways you can check your sodium consumption.  This can be achieved by keeping a sodium diary and checking your food product labels so you can actively work out how much salt you are taking in per day.

For those of us who are technically savvy, keeping a check of your salt intake with apps such as the Smart Salt Sodium App or Sodium Tracker App which you can find on AppStore.

It is also a great idea for those of us who enjoy take away foods to look for tasty alternatives, as these meals are often packed full of not just salt, but MSG and chemicals such as preserving agents and additives.  

Here are BBQ BOX UK we have created a Salt Free Cooking Food Blog which we hope our customers and those looking to begin or maintain a salt free diet will enjoy.  You can find a link to one of the popular recipes for Chinese Takeaway Chicken.

Chinese Chicken Recipe

Easily perfect classic take away meals without any added salt.  One of our best selling and most sought-after spice blends has been our Shanghai Chinese Chicken Seasoning which is great for creating a wide range of Asian Chicken Inspired Dishes.  We have even heard it is great for mixing with mayo and creating your own salt free Chinese chicken sandwich filler!  Why not check out our Sesame Robata Chicken Recipe to create your own succulent, tasty and Oritent inspired dish.

With so many seasonings to choose from you can easily create hundreds of your favourite take away and restaurant meals easily in the comfort of your own home.  If there is a particular recipe you wish us to create, then please leave a comment on this post :)

*Disclaimer: BBQ BOX UK, its owners/directors or the author of our blog posts are in no way a medical consultancy, doctor, health care professional etc.  The information provided on this website has been gathered from several sources from posts from the NHS England Website.  If you are looking to begin such a diet then please speak to your doctor, nurse or medical professional before starting the diet.

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