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Eating healthier meals doesn't mean missing out on flavour!  Our unique selection of salt-free seasonings sees to it that no meal time is dull or boring!  
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Spice up your meal times without the need of salt with the BBQ BOX UK range of premium, 100% natural herb and spice flavour blends.  Perfect for use as a meat rub or as a marinade, or can even be sprinkled directly onto cooked or uncooked food.

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Owned by Gavin and Emma, BBQ BOX UK was founded in 2021.  The thought process behind creating the brand was due to Emma (age 37) being diagnosed with a heart defect earlier that year and Gavin (age 43) being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2020.

'After a number of health problems, we found it extremely difficult to find food products that were either salt free or low in salt. With many over counter and store bought seasoning contains high amounts of salt, sodium and MSG. 
We decided to established BBQ BOX UK 2021 after researching the issue around Salt Free Seasonings and after painstakingly creating our own spice blends and rubs.  BBQ BOX UK was conceived due to an idea of how to add flavour to meals without the use of salt - for a healthier meal experience.' 

With a passion for Barbecuing and Smoking, Emma and Gavin's range has everything the avid BBQ chef (or home cook) requires to create a unique feast for themselves, guests and family.  Found in many online and offline shops, bbq box UK has quickly become a favourite go to and also makes a great personalised gift for friends and loved ones!

So get your grilling on with this extensive and versatile range available, BBQ BOX salt-free seasonings are loved worldwide by chefs and foodies a-like - Make sure you grab yourself a box today and begin enjoying tasteful salt free cooking!

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